Teresa Lamanna

Teresa Lamanna is a qualified nutritionist and weight loss consultant.

After an extensive career spent in corporate banking, Teresa Lamanna decided to pursue her passion for nutrition and natural health medicine. Studying and working part time for six years, in 2007, Teresa graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now Endeavour College of Natural Health) with a Bachelor of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine.

Teresa is strongly committed to the natural medicine principles that underpin the philosophy of nutritional medicine. One of this philosophy’s main beliefs is that, to maintain or regain health, it’s essential to first remove all causes of imbalance in the body. Once this is achieved, it’s then possible to put an effective treatment plan in place to restore good health.
Teresa’s approach is to treat the whole person – their mind, body and spirit, not simply the disease. She does this by addressing the cause of your disease, not just the symptoms.

Consulting at Bizy Bodies on Wednesdays by appointment only.

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