Renee Courouzou


Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness (Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer)
Motivate to Train Boot camp Instructor
BEC Health Basic Nutrition

Renee is one of you; she has personally lost more than 25kg and helped many others in doing the same. She is a passionate young trainer with over 6 years experience working in gyms and personal training studios.
Renee comes from a sporting background, playing a variety of sports including AFL, Basketball, Netball and anything else she can. She has participated in mud runs and Tough obstacle courses, with friends and clients. She lives by the beliefs of well balanced nutrition and a consistent exercise routine will provide a foundation for personal happiness. By doing this, realistic, attainable goals can be achieved and maintained with the proper drive and commitment.

Renee’s style of training is what makes her unique. Her clients have a love hate relationship with her. Her loudness, ability to communicate, technique and personality are why clients keep coming back for more. She continually strives to help each individual reach his or her fitness goals including weight loss, injury prevention/rehabilitation, improved sports performance, through increased power, speed, endurance and agility. She sets realistic, specific and quantifiable goals. Renee is able to scale or deconstruct every exercise to fit each individual’s fitness level.

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