Kimberley Vogel

I’m Kimmy and I’ve been a trainer for 5 years all of which have been with Bizy Bodies (I’m that really supportive sports bra you just can’t get rid of haha). Being a health and fitness trainer though is more of a passionate project, as my full time occupation is as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist of which I specialise in Neurological rehab.

I’ve always been fascinated in how we move and how our brain manages to control everything we do. 

While I’m in the gym I’m the energiser bunny – I’ll push you, motivate you and keep you moving when you think you can’t move any more. You might not like me at the time but you just remember those favourite jeans you want to wear again or the bikini that you want to flaunt in confidence.

In rehab I teach people to move again whether it be on their feet or in a wheelchair. Helping people reach their best quality of life. 

My favourite class is boxing because well sometimes hitting stuff is the best form of stress relief both in the gym or in rehab haha

Those of you that know me will know my quote well because if you’re slacking off “GET ON WITH IT!!”