Kim’s passion and involvement in sport and fitness started during her school years where she was involved in swimming, athletics, netball, basketball and gymnastics. Her enthusiasm for health and human movement grew after completing her VCE.

Kim competed in gymnastics competitions from a young age before becoming involved in coaching herself. For that Kim had to complete a number of workshops and in-club courses held by Gymnastics Australia. Now after 9 years she continues to coach kids from ages 6-17 years old from both a recreational level to a competitive gymstar level. Her coaching incorporates teaching fine and gross motor skills, balance, proprioception, strength, coordination and flexibility.

Kim has attained her coaches accreditation in Womens Gymnastics Intermediate and Gymnastics for all Intermediate. After completing her VCE in 2012, she undertook her Bachelor in Exercise Science (Clinical Practice) where she learnt a lot about human movement and rehabilitation. She has worked closely in clinical settings (VUCER) where she gained knowledge in distinguishing difference in gait analysis, as well as practicing management, recovery and prevention of injury. Other subjects she’s undertook include clinical biomechanics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, pathophysiology, nutrition, resistance training and conditioning. Since finishing her undergraduate degree she’s became an ESSA accredited exercise scientist and has been offered a position to complete her Masters in Clinical Exercise science and Rehabilitation which she will commence in 2017 to become an accredited exercise physiologist.

Kim’s objectives are to raise awareness in the importance of exercise on your health and wellbeing. She’s enthusiastic to provide her wide range of knowledge to help you achieve your best quality of life regardless of circumstances whether it be weight loss, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis or any kind of injury.

Your ability to be healthy is never restricted! Anything can be achieved if you believe in yourself, your trainer and health professionals.

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