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GBX Prodigy Body Scanner

The days of tracking the health of your body, weight loss, or progress is the gym with bathroom scales and a mirror are behind you. Our body composition scanner will bring to you one of the most precise and motivational tools available for fat loss and muscle development. The GBX Prodigy Bio-Electrical Impedence Analyser.

Your body is made up of skeletal muscle, organs, water (intra and extra-cellular), mineral (bone) and fat (visceral and subcutaneous), and your hydration levels are constantly changing throughout the day. Bathroom scales only give you total body weight which doesn’t tell you what that total weight is made up of. You may be building muscle and dropping body fat and the bathroom scales will remain the same. By getting a precise analysis of your body composition you can now track your progress accurately!

Contact Bizy Bodies today to set up a scientific body composition analysis for you, or request our mobile service to visit your company, athletic team, fitness clients, or any other group. We can bring our medical grade, state of the art, GBX Prodigy Analyser to your location, and provide you and your employees, athletes, clients or other group members with a full analysis of their Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass, Body Water, BMI, Muscular development of each part of their body, and much more!



Our machine does not use averages at all in its calculations and individuals are accurately assessed on their body composition by using the measurement of their trunk, arms and legs. The result is achieved via a segmental, multi-frequency bio-electrical impedance analysis via 8 point tactile electrodes, so no radiation, which also means a safer scanning process.

Comprehensive A4 Report

Learn your muscle mass, body fat %, visceral fat level, body water, bone mineral, muscular balance and much more with a take home A4 comprehensive report.

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