5 April 2021

How to stay motivated to exercise as the weather gets cooler

With the end of daylight savings and the Melbourne chill starting to set in, we know it can sometimes feel more enticing to lay in bed under the blanket
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28 February 2021

Why do I feel so hungry after exercise?

Have you ever finished a BB HIIT Class and found yourself ravenous with hunger about half an hour later? That feeling where you’re so hungry you would eat whatever
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6 June 2020

Bring a Friend – Both Get One Month Free!*

With government COVID19 restrictions easing, we are preparing to re-open on Monday 22nd June. We will be Bigger and Better than before – with more weekly classes and the
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15 April 2020

Bizy Bodies MyZone Quarantine Challenge

We know it’s easy to to spend this time in quarantine on the couch binge watching Netflix, but it’s important to stay active. We want to help you do
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21 March 2020

How to set achievable fitness goals.

At Bizy Bodies you will often hear us talking about fitness goals. It doesn’t always need to be detailed, but having a smart goal that can be achieved in
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20 March 2020

How to find calm amongst the craziness

There’s no doubt that these are trying times in the world right now. With our physical health being top priority it can be easy to forget to take care
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14 March 2020

10 reasons why you should stretch after a workout

We get it, sometimes you’re in a rush and leave a class before you’ve had time to stretch. You promise to do it later, or when you get home,
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11 March 2020

COVID-19 – What we’re doing to help stop the spread

UPDATED 21 March 2020 Further to the below, from Saturday 21 March the following will be implemented: Class sizes reduced to allow for 4 square metres per person Boxing
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