Bizy Bodies Terms and Conditions

The three levels of membership are:

  • Bronze membership that permits you to attend up to 10 classes per month.
  • Silver membership that permits you to attend up to 16 classes per month.
  • Gold membership that permits you to attend unlimited classes per month.

Bizy Bodies provides members with access to group fitness classes and personal training only. No other services are provided within the membership fees. Bizy Bodies has the right to change or alter the class timetable at any time without notice. We take no responsibility for the loss of or damage to your personal belongings.

  • A 12 month membership is a membership where there is a minimum term commitment. Ongoing memberships will continue after the Minimum Term on a month to month basis unless you advise us in writing that you do not want your membership to continue.
  • Where a direct debit arrangement is in place, membership payments will continue to be debited until your membership is cancelled in accordance with these Terms.
  • If you wish to cancel this membership prior to the 12 month term end date, you will need to pay out the remainder of the contract. To cancel your membership after the end date you will need to provide 30 days written notice which may be given 30 days before the end date.

Month to Month Membership – A month to month membership has a minimum term commitment of only one month. This membership will continue until you advise us in writing of your desire to cancel, providing 30 days notice.

Paid in advance memberships – Your membership will expire on the date specified with no access to group fitness classes beyond that date unless you contact Bizy Bodies to renew. If your membership is paid in advance you do not need to do anything to cancel your membership, as it will automatically end on the end date.

Booking and Cancelling Classes – You are required to book into classes uses Mindbody Online or the App on your smartphone. Failure to book into a class may result in not being able to participate if the class is at capacity. If you cannot attend a class, you must cancel your booking through Mindbody Online or the Mindbody App. Cancellation less than 4 hours before the class will result in a class credit being deducted from your monthly allocation. You understand that your membership cannot be transferred to another person.

Your Health – You must ensure that you advise us in writing or through the pre exercise questionnaire about the current state of your health and fitness. The information that you disclose to us must be true and correct. If it changes at any time during your membership, you must advise us in writing. Prior to attending classes, an instructor will demonstrate the use of equipment. You must take care when using the equipment and ensure that it is used safely at all times. Should you be unsure as to how to use the equipment, you must refrain from using it and seek advice from a Bizy Bodies instructor.

• You understand that if you suffer personal injury or death from using our services, you cannot bring any claim legal or otherwise against Bizy Bodies or associated entities insofar as it was caused by a breach by Bizy Bodies of the due care and skill or the result of reckless disregard by Bizy Bodies.

• You must at all times follow the direction of Bizy Bodies Staff. We have the right to refuse you entry or cancel your membership if at any time you behave dangerously, threaten, abuse or harass staff or other members (either in person or in writing or on social media), or if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You must behave appropriately at all times and:

  • Book all classes in advance using the online MindBody System.
  • Sign in for every class by providing your details to the Trainer
  • Respect staff and other members
  • Not use foul language
  • Respect the privacy of other members
  • Dress appropriately for group fitness classes including wearing appropriate shoes.
  • Return all weights and equipment to the relevant storage area
  • Follow the cleaning protocol outlined by Bizy Bodies and/or the Trainer
  • Report any broken or damaged equipment to a staff member
  • Should you bring children with you, they are to remain within the designated area at reception and are not permitted on the gym floor. The children are to be under your supervision and entirely your responsibility while in the premises.

Privacy information – You acknowledge and agree that Bizy Bodies may use, store and disclose any personal information in this application as may be required by law. We will never share your information without your approval.

You acknowledge that we may in our sole discretion from time to time alter:

  • our opening hours, group fitness timetable, facilities, items of equipment or any of the products and services we offer or supply; or
  • our Pricelist and your membership fees that apply after any Fixed Term or Minimum Term; or
  • our terms and conditions, policies or rules.

Membership Cancellation – If you wish to cancel your membership prior to the contract end date, you will need to pay out the remainder of the contract. To cancel your membership after the end date you will need to provide 30 days written notice by signing the Bizy Bodies cancellation form available at the facility, which may be given 30 days before the end date. You may cancel your membership due to a permanent sickness or physical incapacity if you cannot exercise for a period of 6 months or longer provided that you give us:

  • written notice of cancellation by signing the Bizy Bodies cancellation form available at the facility;
  • a medical certificate stating that you cannot use our services because of your permanent sickness or physical incapacity; and
  • any other supporting documentation to our reasonable satisfaction.

Personal Training – Personal Training Sessions require 24hrs notice for any cancellation, otherwise the full personal training fee will be charged.

Suspension – You may suspend your membership for a period of one (1) month due to illness, injury or holiday, to a maximum of twice during any twelve month period. The approval of suspensions are at the discretion of Bizy Bodies management.

On days of extreme weather (as determined by Bizy Bodies) fitness classes may be amended or cancelled for the health and safety of staff and members.

Cooling Off – You have a cooling off period of ten (10) days from the signing of your membership agreement to cancel. The cancellation must be in writing and delivered by hand to Bizy Bodies.