How to stay motivated to exercise as the weather gets cooler


With the end of daylight savings and the Melbourne chill starting to set in, we know it can sometimes feel more enticing to lay in bed under the blanket rather than get up and come into the studio for a class. As the weather gets colder and we cover our bodies up more it is easy for our motivation to exercise to drop off, so we’re going to give you some tips to help you stay motivated!

  • Get your active wear out the night before – or if you’re going at night, take your clothes with you to work so you won’t need to go home beforehand. We’ve even heard of people wearing their active wear to bed! Whatever works for you, if you’re organised for your fitness classes then you’re more likely to go.
  • Book your classes in for the week ahead. Make it habit to open the app every Sunday, book your classes for the upcoming week and view them as an appointment you can’t change. The MindBody app can be set up so that all your class bookings are added to your calendar and you can also receive auto generated email reminders for your booking. Booking classes in advance will set the schedule for the week and encourage you to turn up.
  • Find an Accountability Buddy. Your buddy will keep you in check, attending classes with you and following you up if you don’t attend.  This buddy can be a friend you normally go to the classes with or someone you’ve met in your class. If you would like us to set you up with an accountability buddy just let us know and we’d be happy to arrange it for you.
  • Make it fun. Choose classes that you genuinely love, not just ones you think you should be doing. Love HIIT? – book a Metafit or R1ZE class. Prefer Strength? –Tone & Strengthen is a great 30 minute workout that will have you seeing changes in no time.
  • Use Social Media to hold you accountable. How do you know if someone goes to the gym? They’ll tell you 😂 Sharing selfies of yourself at the gym can help keep you accountable with your followers and motivate others. Feel free to take a selfie before or after class or ask your trainer to take an action shot of you.
  • Wear a MyZone. The MyZone not only shows you how hard you’re working during classes, but will keep track of how many workouts you’ve done during the week ensuring you meet your minimum MEP (MyZone Effort Point) requirements. You can also take part in a MyZone challenge. We run them throughout the year – against each other, against other gyms and in teams.

Don’t let the onset of cold weather derail your efforts. If you feel you’ve tried these tips and still need help with motivation get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.


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