How to set achievable fitness goals.


At Bizy Bodies you will often hear us talking about fitness goals. It doesn’t always need to be detailed, but having a smart goal that can be achieved in a realistic timeframe will keep you motivated.

Last year I completed my first half marathon. The longest distance I had run prior to that was around 15km and that was a one off, so I knew I had to formulate a plan to get me to race day where I could run 21.1km comfortably and preferably without injury.

In order to do that, I worked out a weekly running schedule that spanned over three months. I set out what days I would run each distance and I did not falter from this. Because I had an end goal with a specific date I knew what I had to and when and didn’t allow any excuses.

Here are my top five (5) tips for setting and achieving fitness goals:

1.    Set a time for when the goal must be completed and stick to it. Make sure this is a non negotiable. It might help to tell people about your goal and when you want to achieve it so that they can support you. Having a ‘race day’ or some sort of organised event is great because the end date is out of your control.

2.    Put together a plan that is achievable for each week leading up to the end goal. This should be realistic and broken down into weekly or daily tasks. The smaller the task the easier it is to achieve. It can also help to put it into a spreadsheet or your calendar to make it easy to follow.

3.    Have some accountability with the tasks in the plan. For me, it was running with friends and having to increase my distance each week. Depending on your goal, it might be a weekly check in with a trainer or some kind of consequence if you don’t achieve it (forget buying those new shoes you had your eye on).

4.    Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve slipped up on your plan. I know this sounds contradictory to point 3, but sometimes things happen outside of our control that prevent us from completing a task like an injury or work deadline. Be sure to pick up right where you left off the very next day – don’t write off a whole week because of a bad day.

5.    Celebrate achieving your goal! You’ve put in the hard yards to achieve it, you should be proud.

Now is the perfect time to set short and medium term fitness goals. If you would like some help in working out a plan to get there please let us know and we’d be happy to help.


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