COVID-19 – What we’re doing to help stop the spread


UPDATED 21 March 2020

Further to the below, from Saturday 21 March the following will be implemented:

  • Class sizes reduced to allow for 4 square metres per person
  • Boxing will be cancelled until further notice
  • Body Composition Scans are cancelled until further notice
  • Personal Training Sessions are cancelled until further notice
  • Some equipment will be moved to allow more space between equipment
  • Management undertaking online courses to gain a greater understanding of the virus and what we can do to protect our members


Our members health and wellbeing is our top priority. We are conscious of the recent cases of COVID-19 in Australia so want to share ways that together we can help stop the spread.

What we’re doing:
* Equipment is cleaned every day using antibacterial cleaners
* We have a full supply of antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser available for you to use at any time
* All equipment including (but not limited to) dumbbells, barbells, spin bikes, treadmill, elliptical, rowers and mats are sprayed with antibacterial spray
* All floors and benches are cleaned, vacuumed and mopped multiple times a day

What you can do:
* If you feel unwell, please stay home and rest. Home is always the best place for you if you are not well.
* Bring a towel to each class to be used on mats, benches etc
* Wipe down equipment before and after use using the antibacterial wipes provided
* Use the hand sanitiser supplied as required
* Wash your hands before and after your workout

For more information on COVID-19 and what you can do to protect yourself, please refer to this government website…/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov


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